“You’ll always need a brand and you’ll always need to showcase your product or service, that’s why a website is such a necessity for your business.” – Delia Farrer

We customize a digital marketing strategy built around your firm's goals and preferences so you can thrive in your industry.

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You may often ask yourself how is social media related to web design. Well, we encourage websites to include social media buttons which makes it easier for your site visitors to share your brand's links on their social media accounts. When people share your content, they are simply creating brand awareness. This will get you new leads as well as retarget existing consumers. We at Umhlanga Media can help you achieve this.


When it comes to using the internet, most people prefer using their mobile devices because it's pretty convenient. It wasn't always this way though, remember when you needed to pinch and zoom in on certain sides to try and view whatever you needed to see. However, we've come a long way as Google launched Mobilegeddon which places emphasis on mobile responsiveness. WordPress allows web developers to view how the site and content looks on desktop, mobile device and tablet.


Always remember, there are thousands of businesses available for customers to choose from. Therefore you always need to be improving your skills so you can fulfill whatever potential customers want. We will help you create a user-friendly website that makes it easier for visitors to find what they need effortlessly and adding CTA's on every page so it makes it easier as well as make your content pop up first with the use of SEO keywords.

We help your business grow by offering our web design services. Let’s be honest, people primarily visit your website to find out relevant information they need. So what exactly is a web design? Web design includes various skills in the creation and maintenance of websites. The different sections include, web graphic design, interface design, user experience design and SEO.  As a result, if you’re in a digital world, correct information is extremely important. A website is a vital tool for your customers as it contains a brief summary on what expertise you can offer them and how you can execute it. 

Step 1 : Research your business and learn your design preferences.

We will learn about your preferences and what features you personally want to be YOUR website.

Step 2 : Create website hosting and choose website platform. 

We will need full access to your hosting account to design and maintain your website. If you don’t have a website, we highly recommend GoDaddy and start developing your website on WordPress.

Step 3 : Create a draft

We should have a drafted completed within 20 days, where we give you the opportunity to revise and suggest whatever changes you want. Once we receive your edits, we will immediately get back to completing your website design. 

Step 4 : Website launch

Now it’s everyone’s favourite part, time to launch! We will place the website as your primary domain and reap the benefits and watch traffic flow in. 

Step 5 : Maintain your website 

Have the knowledge but don’t have the time to maintain your website? Well, we are here to take that load off your shoulders, whether you need us on an “as needed” or monthly basis. 

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