In the modern marketplace, digital marketing skills are becoming vital in running a successful business. Restaurants should jump on the digital marketing bandwagon.

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Digital marketing enables restaurants to share their story online. Your brand reveals the story of how it all started and articulates the type of food, ambiance and experience you offer before the customer physically enters your restaurant which will distinguish you from your competitors.


Social media makes it easier for restaurants to engage with their customers and develop a relationship. Research indicates that social media users agree that social media is the best way for customers to communicate with brands. Companies need to take utmost advantage of this tool to showcase their personality which will lead to consumers growing fond of them as they scroll down their posts frequently on their newsfeed as it increases the trust factor.


People eat with their eyes first! Make sure to utilize your social media platforms to entice the customers with visuals (pictures and videos), interesting content, sharing recipes, behind the scenes and secret menus. By doing this, you are simply encouraging prospective customers and existing customers to visit your restaurant.

Digital marketing allows you to launch your restaurant into digital market and reach more prospective customers without having to move an inch from your seat. Sounds great, right? It is the most convenient and cost effective way to promote your business, as you have endless options as to how you can entice customers to visit your restaurant. Who wouldn’t want that! Restaurants that use digital marketing already have the upper hand over their competitors as they are using a beneficial method that increases revenue ofcourse, increases in foot traffic, improved branding and targets new and existing customers.  

It’s 2019, online reviews is a must! It can either make or break a restaurant’s reputation. For most customers, online reviews are their 1st source of information they look into before trying out a new restaurant.

Do you promote regularly? Well you should! Use e-WOM to spread the goodness. Your wesbite and social media are great ways to promote your specials and promotions. For example. offer 15% off to customers who subscribe, like and share a post, this encourages engagement and gives them something to look forward to.

There is nothing more annoying and unprofessional than old information online. Restaurants can use digital marketing to update customers on any new menu releases. They can also use websites and social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to share menus, trading hours, locations and contact details. If your website isn’t updated, you might as well kiss your customers goodbye. Always remember to respond and engage as soon as possible to make customers feel important and it is more likely that they will visit your restaurant.


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