In the modern marketplace, digital marketing skills are becoming vital in running a successful business. Real estate professionals should jump on the digital marketing bandwagon.

We customize a digital marketing strategy built around your firm's goals and preferences so you can thrive in your industry.

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Email campaign

Regardless of the industry, email marketing is a strategy that enables brands to be connected with new leads and maintaining relationships with past clients. According to research, Smart Insights stated that the average rate of emails for real estate is approximately 27%. Therefore it is important that the content you post is relevant to the client so they will be interested to open and actually read the content.

Create a user friendly website

Let's be honest, you will exist the website if it doesn't load fast enough. However with the right help and knowledge of what your audience are interested in, we help real estate professionals develop a user friendly and responsive website that is mobile friendly as well. Your website should inform clients about all new listings, content that guide through the buying process and include links to home-related services such as lawyers, moving services, home inspectors and interior designers.

Facebook Messenger Bot

Real estate professionals should incorporate Facebook Messenger Bot into their digital marketing strategy so it enables clients to ask relevant questions and get replies in real time which makes it easier for both parties and encourages engagement.

This is a good strategy to get new leads based on ads. It’s a great way for real estate professionals to target prospective home buyers. It can be targeted to individuals based on their frequently searched keywords. Responsive websites have blogs because it helps the real estate firm get better SEO. Content is a great way to increase your SEO and build a positive reputation and provide your target audience with informative information that will be valuable to their life and increase their knowledge.

It’s the 21st century, virtual reality is the new black. Not only does it give potential buyers a tour of the house but it also gives the individual an idea of the house a without even leaving the couch. Use real footage instead of pictures or illustrations and make sure the video is responsive on websites as well as mobile devices as most people are on their phones.

You need to strategically make content based on case studies, relevant success stories that will capture the viewers attention and keep them engrossed. It is crucial that real estate professionals and digital marketers focus on SEO keywords as it drives leads to your website when done correctly.  


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